Who We Are

Next Social, 10th Anniversary Celebration! – Wednesday Sept 18, 2024

Next Voting Meeting:
Wednesday, October 16, 2024 @ the Woodmoor Barn 
(meeting will start at 6pm sharp!)

Who we are:   100+ women committed to contributing $100 two times a year to local Tri-Lakes charities, which will positively impact our communities by allowing us to give $20,000 annually. Together we can make a difference that we can see! Big impact, without a big commitment.

How it works:  It’s really simple. 100+ Women Who Care, Tri-Lakes meets two times per year. All you have to do is:

  1. Show up. We told you this was easy.
  2. Bring a blank check. After the vote, you will make the check out to the organization who gets the most votes.
  3. ListenActive members have the option to nominate a local charity or non-profit. At the beginning of the meeting, three  nominees will be randomly selected to present. The nominees will each have three minutes to make a presentation, followed by a brief Q&A.
  4. VoteMembers vote on which cause to a. The charity/non-profit with the most votes will receive all the money donated from that meeting. It’s fast, simple, and amazingly effective.
  5. Feel good. You did something pretty powerful and amazing.

Not a member?  
Click here to complete the membership form.

Nominating an organization?          
Click here to nominate an organization that serves the Tri-Lakes area. Please be sure to submit your nomination form during the nomination window only.  We will now only accept nominations from July 1st to October 1st by midnight, prior to our fall meeting and January 1st to April 1st by midnight, prior to our spring meeting.

If nominations are received outside of this new window, we will inform the nominating member to resubmit during the nomination window. This adjustment will allow for more time to contact and prepare each nominee for their part in the meeting.

Board of Directors
The idea behind 100+ Women Who Care is, many people want to volunteer in their community, but time and money may be limited. The board of the Tri-Lakes chapter is set up to oversee the local organization, but we do our best to keep our volunteer hours to a minimum. Click here to see board responsibilities and to fill out an interest form.

Unable to attend the meeting?
You will receive an email letting you know who the chosen organization was and how to send your check directly to them. Please be sure to send your check no later than three weeks after the meeting.

Kind regards,
100+ Women Who Care, Tri-Lakes Board
Cathy Wilcox
Annette Hagopian
Susan Hunter-Smith