Nominate an Organization

Only active members of 100+ Women Who Care, Tri-Lakes are eligible to nominate local charities for consideration.

To allow more time for members to nominate their chosen group, we have established a nomination time period before each meeting.  We will now only accept nominations from July 1st to October 1st by midnight, prior to our fall meeting and January 1st to April 1st by midnight, prior to our spring meeting. For each meeting, we cap at 3 nominations, if we receive more than 3 we will inform the nominating member to resubmit during the next open nomination window.

If nominations are received outside of this new window, we will inform the nominating member to resubmit during the nomination window. This adjustment will allow for more time to contact and prepare each nominee for their part in the meeting.

Please complete and submit the form below at least one week before the next meeting. If you’d prefer to download a copy of the Nomination form, please click here.

Note: Granted/Awarded organizations cannot present again for two years